Amy Marcs - Nice T!ts The Show
Amy Marcs - Nice T!ts The Show
Amy Marcs - Nice T!ts The Show

Theatre Conspiracy

Friday March 17th 8:00PM

Saturday March 18th 2:00PM

Saturday March 18th 8:00PM

Sunday March 19th 2:00PM

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Amy Marcs - Nice T!ts The Show

"Marcs finds the universal in one woman's story.
She has the breezy pace and snappy timing of a stand-up comedienne."
Lancet Oncology Journal

"Simultaneously hilarious and touching.
One show you don't want to miss!"
Bust Magazine

"A universal story about the losses that
challenge our identity, told with humanity and 
humor. Just what the doctor prescribed."
Front Row Center

Five Stars

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Amy Marcs - Nice T!ts The Show
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Amy Marcs - Nice T!ts The Show